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    Letters to the editor

    Globe Magazine readers respond a story on domestic adoption.


    As a foster parent recruiter and trainer, I relished Steve Holt’s essay, “Love, Locally Grown” (Perspective, November 25).  Thank you for spreading the word about adoption from foster care. It is so difficult to get people to consider local kids, especially those over the age of 6 or special-needs kids. I hope to see more pieces like this.

    Maura Donahue / Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care, Woburn



    I agree wholeheartedly about the power of domestic adoption and wish more people would consider it. My son came to live with us at the age of 4 — after being moved around more than eight times — and we finalized his adoption last year, when he was 6. Though he has many issues he must work through, we are there for him, showing him what love, strong support, permanency, routine, familiarity, forgiveness, and compassion can bring to his life. What I feel is lost on many people is the flip side of adoption: what an adopted child brings into your life. I constantly hear how very lucky he is to have us. I always reply, “Thank you, but we are equally lucky to have him.” My role as an adoptive mother has brought immeasurable value and meaning to my life. My family and I are eternally grateful to the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange and the Department of Children and Families for choosing this little boy for us and to our son for accepting and loving us the way he does. Our lives are better, more complete, and worth so much more because we decided we could open our hearts to a child who needed a family. 

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     Anna Edwards / Winchester


    I am a Department of Children and Families adoption social worker in the Cape and Islands Office in Hyannis. I have been with the department for 15 years and an adoption social worker for the past two. Although I have had children adopted in the past, this year I was lucky enough to participate in National Adoption Day. I was able to provide permanency and “growing-up homes’’ for three children with three different families. I wanted to let you know that I wish I had 100 more of these families. Single parents, kinship families, pre-adoptive families, as well as foster families who adopt “our’’ children are a special breed. Their hearts are wide open to accept whatever trauma comes along with the child and work to provide a stable, secure, consistent environment for their child, enabling him or her to grow and thrive. They are my angels, and I will be thankful to them every day of my life. There are many more children out there yearning for a chance to have that “forever’’ home. I hope your article will spur individuals to come forward and explore the process with the department.

    Honora Goldstein / Dennis


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