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    Dinner With Cupid

    Dinner With Cupid: Whiteout

    She’s a skier, he’s a snowboarder. Can they find a connection off the slopes?


    Aspiring interior designer

    HER PERFECT SATURDAY Taking my dog for a stroll, hitting a flea market, having a delicious dinner, drinks with friends


    WHAT SHE’D BRING TO A DESERT ISLAND Friends and family, my dog, and a toolbox

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    ALLAN SOBON > 24

    Gym teacher

    WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST I am happy pretty much all the time since I love where I am

    in life right now.


    WHAT HIS EXES LOVED They would all agree that I am very sweet, caring, and reliable.



    ALLAN I’d never been on a blind date before, so I was a little anxious to see how it would go.

    MEGHAN I was fine until I approached the restaurant, and then I started to get nervous. When I arrived at the restaurant he was sitting in the waiting area, and the hostess pointed him out.

    ALLAN She was very attractive. She was cute and petite. She was also dressed very well [but] seemed a little nervous and shy.

    MEGHAN I noticed he was tall and thought he was cute. He did not seem nervous at all.



    ALLAN It got much more comfortable as the night moved on, as we learned more about one another.

    MEGHAN I learned that he also lives in Somerville, and he works with special education children and is very passionate about helping them, which I find very admirable. We also reminisced about our recent college days.

    ALLAN We talked about how we are still going through college withdrawal. We discovered that we both enjoy winter sports (she likes skiing, I enjoy snowboarding).

    MEGHAN I definitely began to feel more comfortable as the date went on because Allan was outgoing and easy to talk to.

    ALLAN At first it felt a little uneasy and awkward because I picked up that she was nervous. [But] she opened up more throughout the date.

    MEGHAN As I got to know him better, I found him more attractive. By the time dessert came around, I could see myself hanging out with him again.

    > LAST RUN

    ALLAN After we finished our dinner, I asked if she wanted to walk to a local bar with me.

    MEGHAN I was not ready for the night to end yet.

    ALLAN I enjoyed our conversation at dinner and was excited that she wanted to hang out more that night.

    MEGHAN We grabbed drinks at a bar down the street that he suggested.

    ALLAN I suggested we leave around midnight because I had work the next morning. After we left the bar, I walked her back to her car and gave her a hug.



    ALLAN B+


    MEGHAN I would definitely be interested in meeting up again.

    ALLAN I am up to go on another date to see if there is any more chemistry between us.  — Compiled by Jessica Teich

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