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    Dinner With Cupid

    Big love

    Is a second date too tall an order?

    Andy Bartlett and Sarah Tupper.
    Andy Bartlett and Sarah Tupper.


    School performing arts coordinator

    ABOUT HER HOME There is a lot of color, and it usually smells like something good is cooking.


    WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I’m dancing or singing, especially with friends

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    Assistant director of high school alumni programs

    HIS PERFECT MATCH Dirty-blond hair and a great smile

    IDEAL DATE Walking around the Common and then going to dinner in the North End




    ANDY I was anxious most of the day, since I have never really done something like this before.

    SARAH It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a first date, so I was apprehensive. I got there a bit early to give myself a chance to calm down.

    ANDY I thought she was very pretty and cute. She had a real nice smile and she was just about my height, which was nice.

    SARAH Andy is very handsome. Being a small person myself, I did notice how small he is. It’s rare for me to meet a guy so similar in size to myself.


    SARAH Andy seemed confident, but we quickly revealed to each other how nervous we felt.


    ANDY It definitely put me at ease to know that both of us were nervous coming into this date. As soon as I sat down and the conversation started and I realized how nice she was, I knew that I was going to enjoy talking with her.

    SARAH We quickly found common ground, so our conversation flowed very naturally. We spent a good deal of time discussing our jobs. We both work at schools. We also bonded over the challenges of being small in stature and working with children.

    ANDY We discovered that we had both by chance fallen into working in the education world and that we really enjoyed it. In addition, we both seem to have a passion to travel.

    SARAH I felt very comfortable with Andy very early on. He was really friendly and kind. He seemed really straightforward and honest, which I appreciated.

    ANDY As the night went on she seemed to open up and showed a strong passion in her job and interest in theater, which I admired.


    SARAH We both work really early, so by 9:30 we were exhausted and ready to head home.

    ANDY We definitely were the last ones in the restaurant. Although we would have enjoyed continuing chatting, we agreed that it was best if we called it a night. We both said we enjoyed meeting one another.

    SARAH Andy asked for my number once we were outside. There was a goodbye hug, no kiss. 


    SARAH A-

    ANDY A


    ANDY I really enjoyed meeting her and definitely would hang out again if the opportunity presented itself.

    SARAH We may hang out as friends, but despite Andy being a really nice and good-looking guy, I didn’t feel any sparks.  — Compiled by Jessica Teich


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