Dinner With Cupid

The extra mile

They live quite far apart. Can the long distance turn into long-term? 

Caroline Adams and Matt Burke

Caroline Adams and Matt Burke


Sales associate


WHO PLAYS HER IN A MOVIE? Natalie Portman. She is very intelligent and seems down-to-earth.

WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I am with friends

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Journeyman electrician

WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST When I’m laughing


HIS IDEAL CELEBRITY MATE? She would look like Natalie Portman.



CAROLINE I got ready as fast as possible, since I had just gotten out of work.

MATT I talked to my roommate and her boyfriend to help calm me down.

CAROLINE We both arrived early, even though we both are the type to run a little late.

MATT When I got to the restaurant I went to the bathroom after the long drive. When I was walking out, a girl was walking to the bathroom, and we exchanged smiles. It wasn’t until I sat down that I thought, She could have been my date.

CAROLINE I thought, Maybe this is Matt, but I did not want to be ridiculously awkward as someone was coming out of the bathroom. Turns out, it was him.


CAROLINE He had a great smile. 

MATT I thought she was beautiful.

CAROLINE He was so much fun to talk to. We drove our waiter nuts because we were so busy talking that we kept forgetting to check out the menu.

MATT We started by getting to know each other.

CAROLINE We talked about travel, where we would like to go, where we went to school.

MATT I discovered that Caroline is a tremendously bright and motivated girl.

CAROLINE He has been snorkeling in underwater caves in Mexico.

MATT We both hate watching scary movies.

CAROLINE We both love to travel, we know barely anything about wine, and we don’t like how dark the days get in the winter. 

MATT I felt very comfortable with Caroline, right from the start.

CAROLINE We really hit it off. I anticipated at least three awkward silences, but we never had even one! 

MATT At the end, when we got our check, she asked me to guess what time it was. I guessed that it was around 9 o’clock, when it was actually a little after 10.


CAROLINE We walked through the shopping area, which was cool, since I had never seen it.

MATT I was very excited for the date to continue.

CAROLINE We gave each other a hug good night.  

MATT I don’t like to rush things and felt it was a good ending to a great night.





CAROLINE We decided that our next date would be to go ice skating in Boston.

MATT I think we will.  — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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