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    Tales from the City

    A story to make you smile around tax time

    Featuring: The friendly Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

    A relative made a financial gift to me last year, and we were both concerned that even though Massachusetts has no gift tax, there still might be paperwork required. I called the state Department of Revenue, and to my surprise was quickly routed to a polite employee. I posed my question to him, phrasing it in several ways just to try and cover every base.

    No, it’s not taxable, he said. No, there are no forms to file. No, nobody needs to send any information. Finally I said, “So I don’t need to document this transfer in any way?”

    His answer: “Well, if you’d really like to document it, ma’am, I’d suggest you get a piece of paper and draw a smiley face on it.”


    Beth Maynard / Beverly

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