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    Dinner With Cupid

    Just kidding on a blind date

    They’re both lighthearted types. Will their joking ways help them connect?

    Cassandra Rogers and Joe St. Hilaire-Bona


    Microscopy tech/ophthalmic sales

    HER PETS A cat named Seamus


    WHAT MAKES HER A GOOD CATCH? I have a pretty solid sense of humor.

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    Consumer insights analyst 

    HIS PETS I have two cats I adopted from the MSPCA.

    WHAT MAKES HIM A GOOD CATCH? My rapier-sharp wit and a deep love of humor


    > OPENER


    JOE [Before the date] I went home and relaxed for a couple of minutes.

    CASSANDRA I had to head to dinner right after work.

    JOE I was pretty calm. I felt good; I was looking forward to it.

    CASSANDRA I always figure, At least I’ll meet someone new, and I avoid stressing about anything else.

    JOE We were both on time. I checked in with the host and she brought me to the table where Cassandra was sitting.



    CASSANDRA He was nicely dressed, and I got good vibes from him.

    JOE The thing [about her appearance] that stood out was her hairstyle. I thought it looked nice.

    CASSANDRA He shook my hand when we met. I’m old-fashioned in some ways and appreciate a handshake.

    JOE We talked about what we do for work, things we like, hobbies.

    CASSANDRA He’s a pretty avid Boston sports fan.

    JOE She’s taking ukulele lessons — and enjoying it a lot — with the goal of learning guitar as well.

    CASSANDRA We didn’t have much in common, which I liked, but we had both moved considerable distances from home to live in Boston.

    JOE I think we have a similar sense of humor, which is important.

    CASSANDRA I felt very comfortable throughout and conversation flowed at a nice clip.

    JOE I felt generally comfortable with Cassandra.

    CASSANDRA He is a nice guy with a great personality, and that is certainly attractive.


    JOE [After dinner] we had another drink and continued to talk.

    CASSANDRA We finished up at 11 p.m., so staying out would have been a bit foolish for a school night. If it had been a Friday or Saturday, I think we would have stayed out.

    JOE We walked outside, hugged, and went on our way.

    CASSANDRA We exchanged digits.




    JOE A-


    JOE I think so; we talked about doing a couple of things.

    CASSANDRA I would be up for it, for sure.  — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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