Dinner With Cupid

Making strides

Will these runners hit the wall or cross the finish line?

Gabrielle Collins, 23, and Nick Darsch, 24.
Gabrielle Collins, 23, and Nick Darsch, 24.


Loan modification assistant

DOES SHE HAVE PETS? I would absolutely love to have a dog.


HER PERFECT SATURDAY? Make something yummy for breakfast, then go for a run.

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Account manager

DOES HE HAVE PETS? I don’t currently but would love to have a dog.

HIS PERFECT SATURDAY? Sleep in, then go for a long run.




NICK I headed over straight from the office.

GABRIELLE I was kind of in a rush [and] had just enough time to freshen up a bit.

NICK I’m usually very comfortable meeting new people, so I wasn’t nervous.

GABRIELLE I was pretty nervous. I’ve never been on a blind date before.

NICK I expected to be first, but she was already there. Walking in, I could see a girl sitting alone in the window. She was a really cute girl. She had great eyes and a beautiful smile.


GABRIELLE When he walked in by himself, I was sure he had to be my date. He’s a good-looking guy, tall and athletic [with] a great smile.


NICK It took about half an hour before we ordered anything past wine. The waitress had to come back three or four times before we ordered anything.

GABRIELLE I knew immediately that he was a genuine guy. We talked about where we grew up, went to college, and worked.

NICK We agreed Australia seemed like a good destination for our next trips.

GABRIELLE It was interesting to hear about his travel experiences.

NICK She likes running, which I really liked, as I’m training for the Marathon.

GABRIELLE We both have a great sense of humor and are pretty sarcastic.

NICK Our conversation never seemed to hit any dead space.

GABRIELLE As time passed and we got into talking, I became much more comfortable.

NICK She had a great personality and was easy to talk to, which doesn’t happen all the time.


NICK Based on first impressions, I thought she was someone I’d like to get to know more. We ended up staying in the restaurant for quite a while after we ate, just talking and finishing a bottle of wine.

GABRIELLE We talked a little more after paying the bill.

NICK We exchanged numbers and decided to head out for the night.

GABRIELLE We ended up leaving a little after 9:30 p.m.

NICK I hailed a cab for her before walking back toward my car.

GABRIELLE We hugged and mentioned trying to get together again.

NICK She got into her cab and we texted back and forth on the way home.






GABRIELLE We exchanged numbers and have been talking a bit since. I guess we’ll see.

NICK We’ll get together again sometime soon.  —  Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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