Letters to the editor

Readers respond to a story on Red Sox players of old and Miss Conduct’s advice.

Billy Messina of Holbrook listened to Jimmy Piersall.
charles dixon
Billy Messina of Holbrook listened to Jimmy Piersall.


Being of around the same vintage as Norine P. Bacigalupo, I remember all of those great, unselfish Red Sox players she named in her article (Perspective, March 31). Thanks to Bacigalupo and for a great picture of Jimmy Piersall!

David Lippman / Salisbury

I was born in 1946, so I share the same memories as Bacigalupo, including the summer of 1959, when the Sox replaced manager Pinky Higgins with Billy Jurges, who then led the Sox to a five-game sweep of the Yankees. For a brief moment, Jurges was the greatest manager ever.


Chet Balon / Westford, Vermont


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Regarding the mysterious “tip skimmer,” both Miss Conduct and the letter writer missed the point (March 24). The perpetrator was not embezzling from her dining companions but from the hard-working server, who is getting 15 percent, not the intended 20 percent. The solution, now that we refocus on the true victim of the crime, is simple: Those paying cash leave the 20 percent intended tip, then give the balance to the credit card user, who now pays her full share of both the meal and the tip.

Esther Heimberg / Sudbury

Astute advice on dealing with hot flashes in public! Miss Conduct’s column is a gem in so many ways.

Judith Rosenbaum / Framingham


Miss Conduct’s kind response about difficult work conversations (March 3) reminded me of the time when I was greeted with a comforting response. As a young reporter, I had fled to the lady’s room in tears following an encounter with my editor. Another editor entered and said with gentle compassion: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I hope all will be better.” Without probing, she turned what could have been an awkward moment for both of us into one of understanding and caring. I have followed that example whenever I have stumbled into similar circumstances.

M.K. Merelice / Brookline

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