Letters to the editor

Boston Globe Magazine readers respond to stories from the special gardening issue.


While finishing reading the April 21 Globe Magazine, I noticed the editor’s apology for not covering the Marathon tragedy because the magazine was going to press when the attacks happened. I think The Joy of Gardening was the perfect diversion for the week we had in Boston. I was delighted that the forsythia and daffodils chose that time to bloom, bringing so much yellow to such a blue week.

Sarah Scoville / Bedford


I am the regional coordinator for the Newton/Weston/Wellesley portion of the 14th Annual Charles River Cleanup, sponsored by the Charles River Watershed Association. I just finished reading Tim Lehnert’s piece questioning Earth Day events (Perspective, April 21). Many groups give up three hours of a spring Saturday to do something. That is all they are trying to do, just something. These are people who already turn down their heat or turn up their air conditioning (if they use it at all). They bike when they can, they don’t idle their cars. I can understand Lehnert’s cynicism, but I feel we must try to do little things when we can. If everyone does a few small things, then a few more, eventually we will make a difference. Lehnert is obviously aware of the many ways you can be kinder to the earth. I just wish his message was more positive. A “can do” spirit can be contagious.


Elaine Vildzius / Newton Centre

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