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    Dinner With Cupid

    But seriously, folks

    Will this lighthearted pair wind up funny valentines?

    Jon Brenner and Jennifer Twitchell.

    JON BRENNER > 22

    Associate account manager

    HIS “PERFECT DATE” INCLUDES Outdoor activities or going out for food and drinks


    HE IS HAPPIEST WHEN I’m never not happy; life is too awesome.

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    Administrative assistant

    HER “PERFECT DATE” INCLUDES A restaurant that neither one of us has ever gone to

    SHE IS HAPPIEST WHEN I’m with a few good friends . . . enjoying a beer or two.




    JON I wasn’t nervous [before the date]. I was only curious as to what this would be like, as I had never been on a blind date.

    JENNIFER [I was] very calm — I knew, if anything, this was just going to be a great way to meet someone new and have a good time.

    JON I was mostly wondering if we would shake hands, hug, or what.

    JENNIFER He was there before I was. He was sitting right by the door. I wasn’t sure if he was really my date. He was dressed pretty casually . . . like he was going to meet up with friends for a drink. That threw me off a little bit right off the bat.

    JON She came in and immediately gave me a very professional handshake. It was off-putting at first, but we laughed about it later.


    JENNIFER He had already ordered a beer before I got there, so we made some small talk and joked about how I went to the wrong restaurant first.

    JON I thought she was attractive.

    > PEEL

    JON [Over dinner], we talked a lot about our own lives and things we had in common.

    JENNIFER We both enjoy a few of the same TV shows, and [we] talked about the music we both enjoy.

    JON We discovered we both work in real estate [and] we seem to have a similar sense of humor (I thought she was funny, and she laughed at most of my attempts at jokes).

    JENNIFER [I felt] very comfortable. We both admitted that this was kind of a joke for us mid-date, so that definitely relieved any tension that may have been there.

    > BUZZER

    JON Neither of us was looking for a relationship because we were both recently out of long ones.

    JENNIFER Initially, I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for just based on the fact that he was wearing a hat at the dinner table, but . . .  the age difference is what [really] got me.

    JON We got along well [and] went to another bar afterward and had fun.

    JENNIFER I hoped that we could still be friends and figured that going out with a big group after dinner wouldn’t send any mixed signals.


    JON B+



    JON I want to, even though it’s not going anywhere; I just had fun with her.

    JENNIFER No. We both realized that this wasn’t going to work out and that we weren’t really looking for anything.  — Compiled by Peter Cocchia

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