Head of the class

Fanciful hats are tops for spring.

Three daring Bostonians top off party looks with statement-making hats.

Tina Sutton



> Not every woman could carry off such a fantastical hat (from Luxe Boutique in Mashpee Commons), but it suits the effervescent Stacks to a tee. The equally eye-catching scarf (bought in North Carolina) stays put with a brooch, from her mother, placed at the shoulder.

> "I'm like a third-grader when it comes to colors," jokes the artist and business owner. "I especially love purple," as in this flattering sheath dress (from Marshalls). Adding even more color and texture is the luxurious Etro green brocade bag with turquoise stone closure (bought in Berlin).


> Sky-high heels are not for Stacks. These gold-toe ballet flats (from Shoe Market in Hingham's Derby Street Shoppes) are both comfy and elegant.

Favorite Stores Looks in Harvard Square, Quarante in Newton Centre, Alan Bilzerian (but only during sale time)

Tina Sutton



> Inventive doesn't begin to describe Pope's delightfully whimsical outfit. Pope's "fairy godmother" (a friend) gave her the hat after wearing it only once. "The feathers need an outing," Pope was told.

> This vintage-look jacket (from Filene's Basement long ago) is a favorite of the former competitive figure skater. But few would have thought to pair the herringbone pattern with a retro pink polka-dot top and yellow appliqued circle skirt (both from Holiday on Charles Street).

> Clearly Pope loves accessorizing. Here she mixes an oversize pearl necklace (from Zara), black driving gloves (bought in Ireland), and the perfect Chanel evening clutch, borrowed from the fairy godmother.

Favorite Stores Zara, BCBG, Riccardi

Tina Sutton


60-plus / BACK BAY

> The hat came from a friend, says Raynes, who had asked to borrow something in beige. This face-framer is not only chic but also flattering to the youthful-looking French grandmother.


> Her effortless silk jacket and wide-leg pant (from Armani in Paris) seem to be channeling Chanel's 1920s resort wear.

> "I do like to mix things," the environmental graphic designer says of her wardrobe. "It is like cooking — different ingredients, different flavors, but in the right proportions, same as in design." The bag is by Prada, a gift, but she hates logos and removed it. She bought the ring on the street in Cartagena, Colombia, for $2.50.

Favorite Stores Giorgio Armani, Saks, H&M and Zara for bargains, Cuoio for fun reading glasses

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