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    Dinner With Cupid

    True romance

    Will their shared dating-column attraction lead to love?

    Fred Howland and Alicia MacKin.
    Fred Howland and Alicia MacKin.


    Sales representative

    HIS PERFECT SATURDAY Early morning bike ride and a late brunch

    WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST After a great workout



    Program administrator

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    HER PERFECT SATURDAY Going for a run and getting brunch

    WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I’m with my friends


    > SINGLE

    ALICIA I had a lot of time before, so I stopped and had a drink.

    FRED I didn’t have the chance for a pre-date drink.


    ALICIA Someone actually sent me a drink, so that gave me a little confidence boost.

    FRED I felt a little nervous but mostly excited.

    ALICIA I was a little nervous, but I figured the worst-case scenario would be ending up with a fun story.

    > DATING

    ALICIA He was cute, looked very friendly, and was taller than me.

    FRED Great hair, pretty brown eyes, well dressed, and tall.


    ALICIA We talked about how we heard about Dinner With Cupid.

    FRED We’re both avid readers of [the Globe’s] Love Letters.

    ALICIA We covered everything — where we were from and what we did for work.

    FRED A lot about exercise and working out.

    ALICIA Our families, hobbies, and music preferences.

    FRED We both love going to ’90s night at Common Ground.

    ALICIA He pointed out tongue and cheek tacos and I asked if he had tried beef tongue.

    FRED I never would have ordered it on my own.

    ALICIA I went ahead and asked for them and they were pretty tasty.

    FRED I’m glad she talked me into trying it. I thought it was delicious.

    ALICIA It takes me a few dates to decide if I am into someone.

    FRED We were talking about music and she said she loved Ke$ha. I thought, “This could work.”

    ALICIA I felt like we connected pretty well.

    FRED I can definitely see the possibility of sparks in the future.

    ALICIA I didn’t want to leave.

    FRED I didn’t want to leave.

    ALICIA Had it been a weekend, I might have stayed out later.


    ALICIA We walked from the restaurant to the train together.

    FRED I teased her about making us walk the long way around Fenway to Kenmore.

    ALICIA I was pretty insistent that the way he wanted to go was the same distance. I checked Google Maps the next morning and he was totally right.

    FRED We had to go our separate ways.

    ALICIA We hugged and he asked for my number.

    FRED We exchanged texts on the way home.



    FRED A-


    ALICIA I had a great time and would go on another date.

    FRED I would definitely go out again. — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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