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    Dinner With Cupid

    On the clock

    Will these punctual daters stay awhile or walk out early?

    Matt Manzo and Viviana Lopez.
    Matt Manzo and Viviana Lopez.

    MATT MANZO > 28



    My sense of humor


    HIS HOBBIES I’m a decent cook, I play soccer, and am only slightly addicted to video games.

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    Program coordinator

    WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH? I’m pretty well-rounded and intelligent.

    HER HOBBIES I like to be active and learn new things.




    MATT I showered, purposely didn’t shave, and ironed a dress shirt.

    VIVIANA I made sure I gave myself enough time to get there.

    MATT I arrived early, giving myself four minutes to spare.

    VIVIANA I arrived a few minutes early.


    MATT She beat me to the restaurant.

    VIVIANA I told the hostess the reservation name and she seated me.

    MATT She was sitting by herself, so it was obvious who my date was.

    > 60 MINUTES

    MATT She looked very nice.

    VIVIANA He was a little on the small side and he seemed young.

    MATT She was wearing riding boots, jeans, and a brown top.

    VIVIANA He was attractive and had nice blue eyes. He likes his job but he didn’t seem particularly passionate about what he does.

    MATT My hilarious Seinfeld references fell on deaf ears.

    VIVIANA I didn’t feel like we had much in common.

    MATT I think we both share a love for trashy television.

    VIVIANA Who, at our age, still watches MTV? Once I got past the fact that we come from completely different worlds, I became more comfortable.

    MATT Free meals must bring out the comfort in me. My mind-set was have some fun and grab some beers.

    VIVIANA It clicked that I shouldn’t measure him up against my checklist.

    MATT We had a few laughs. I was just hoping to have some fun, nothing serious.

    VIVIANA He kept raving about reality TV shows and apparently Ke$ha has one? I was thrown for a loop. [And] when he described himself as “lazy,” I knew he wasn’t for me.

    MATT There weren’t really any sparks.

    > ALARM

    MATT We called it after the meal.

    VIVIANA We walked out of the restaurant together.

    MATT It seemed like she didn’t have many friends left in the area, so I said we should hang out.

    VIVIANA He slipped me his number on a napkin and said to call “if I ever get bored.” It was cute, but I didn’t take him seriously.

    MATT A hug felt right.

    VIVIANA It was quick and painless. Maybe the next time I catch Ke$ha’s reality show, I’ll give him a buzz.


    MATT B



    MATT I’d hang out with her as friends, maybe a group.

    VIVIANA I’m sure we’d have fun if we went out again, but there wasn’t a romantic connection. — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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