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    Dinner With Cupid

    Bottle service

    Will these daters make an intoxicating mix or a weak drink?

    Greg Steinberg and Rachael English.
    Greg Steinberg and Rachael English.


    Teacher, coach, bartender

    HIS HOBBIES The outdoors, sports, live music, and traveling


    HIS PERFECT DATE A great meal and drinks followed by music and dancing

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    Director of training and development

    WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I’m with my friends and sipping some good wine

    HER HOBBIES I love going to concerts and amazing vacations.

    7:30 P.M. BOMA, BOSTON



    GREG I got in a good workout after school.

    RACHAEL I took a little time to relax.

    GREG I wasn’t nervous because I like meeting new people.

    RACHAEL I was feeling pretty good. However, many of my colleagues were freaking out for me.

    GREG I was early, thinking there would be traffic.


    RACHAEL He was at the bar when I arrived.


    RACHAEL I was pleased. He was a little taller than me and had nice eyes.

    GREG She had a great smile and pretty brown hair.

    RACHAEL He seemed completely normal and genuinely cool.

    GREG She seemed at ease with the whole situation.

    RACHAEL He seemed very much at ease, very respectful, and I think we both felt fairly comfortable.

    GREG We talked about where we were coming from and how we never visit the South End.

    RACHAEL He had a typical Boston accent.

    GREG She had never eaten a scallop before.

    RACHAEL I was interested and liked hearing about his family and experiences.

    GREG We ordered a bottle of malbec and duck-fat fries to start.

    RACHAEL The Bruins were on, so we had to get some good, greasy food.

    GREG I felt comfortable just because we were in engaging conversation.

    RACHAEL He was very easy to talk to and it got easier as the date went on.


    GREG She is a great girl, but I was not really attracted to her.

    RACHAEL I feel that my [food] habits may have rubbed him the wrong way. I have a limited palate.

    GREG I didn’t really [feel] any sparks.

    RACHAEL I was becoming very comfortable with him and could share what I was thinking.

    GREG She was great company for the evening.

    RACHAEL I was pleasantly surprised from the beginning.

    GREG It was late on a school night, so we called it a night.

    RACHAEL By 10:30 p.m. it was time to go.

    GREG The date ended OK.

    RACHAEL He asked if I would go out with him again. I said absolutely.

    GREG We said goodbye and exchanged numbers.

    RACHAEL I gave him a hug.


    GREG C+



    GREG I’m not really certain about another date. Maybe meeting up as friends might work.

    RACHAEL I’d love to see where he bartends.  — Compiled by Katy Rushlau

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