A Restaurant’s Take

Tabbouleh at To Beirut

In Norwood, a Middle Eastern classic.

Tabbouleh salad at To Beirut.
Dina Rudick/Globe staff
Tabbouleh salad at To Beirut.

The lively parsley-bulgur salad tabbouleh, a staple all over the Middle East, is (except for the tomatoes) an ancient dish. The fact that this food has survived for centuries is a testament to the families that have faithfully taught the recipes to each new generation. The Habrs, owners of To Beirut, are an example of this. Their restaurant, adjacent to the family’s market in Norwood, is a big, bright, friendly, self-service spot, where traditional foods are beautifully prepared.  — Sheryl Julian

TO BEIRUT 15 Cottage Street East, Norwood, 781-769-3663,