A Restaurant’s Take

At Boston Chops, pan-roasted halibut

This new bistro known for its steaks also serves an exceptional fish dish atop charred onions.

Pan roasted halibut.
Dina Rudick/Globe staff
Pan roasted halibut.

On a menu packed with offerings such as bone-in tenderloin and, for the more adventurous, grilled marinated heart, you’d think there would be no reason for a halibut entree. Yet at Boston Chops, the handsome new South End bistro specializing in steaks, the fish dish is exceptional. Pan-roasted with a crackly, golden skin concealing tender flesh, it’s served atop charred al dente onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and a fragrant tomato stew.  — James Reed

BOSTON CHOPS1375 Washington Street, Boston, 617-227-5011,