August 18, 2013 The Boston Globe Magazine

On a mission to save godless Massachusetts

Evangelical Christians are arriving from Texas and elsewhere to plant the seeds of new churches here. By Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

Great white shark.

How I survived a shark attack

For the first time in his own words, Chris Myers describes his frightening encounter with a great white in July 2012 off Truro, and his return to the beach one year later. By Chris Myers


Geezer basketball

At age 72, a Parkinson’s patient plays in a pickup game at the Y with fellow “geezers” and some middle-schoolers, too. By Bob Kalish

Miss Conduct

Digging up family dirt

Plus, a friend more into a new guy than your shared project, and whether one can drink from a bowl in a restaurant. By Robin Abraham


The grounds crew removed the tarp after a brief rain storm during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays inning at Fenway Park. Do the Red Sox win more in the rain? Heat?

The Sox by numbers. By Alvin Chang

Style Watch

Gardening class

Dramatic floral prints wow at night. By Tina Sutton

Dinner With Cupid

Thomas Chappell and Jennifer “Jen” Haugh. Higher ed

Can these clever daters find common ground beyond their postgrad studies?

Your Week Ahead

- 5 things to do in and around Boston

Summer Restaurant Week returns, “I Have a Dream” turns 50, Pat Benatar tours again, and more things to do the week of August 18.

A Restaurant’s Take

Peach and raspberry crumble at Ashmont Grill in Dorchester. From the dessert menu

In Dorcester, a summer special made with local fruit.


Just peachy

Variations on the classic fruit crumble. By Adam Ried


Letters to the editor

Views on a Jim Braude column, a must-do bit of home maintenance, and a touching love story.

Tales From the City

Mamma Maria, people can be nice!

A random act of kindness at a beloved North End institution.