September 22, 2013 The Boston Globe Magazine

The nuclear option

Maybe it isn’t the answer for New England’s energy needs. But neither is limiting our alternatives. By Barbara Moran

Cynthia Thomas (A.K.A. Diane Keaton).

The true story of a thrift shop coat

How it united one group of women with cancer in a quest to live differently. By Cynthia Thomas


Getting over my daughter-longing

Raising three boys, I longed for many years for a little girl. Then I realized something about mothering a daughter. By Abby Rodman


The hands of pianists Yaltah Menuhin (1921 - 2001) and her husband Joel Ryce (1933 - 1998) playing a work for four hands, 18th October 1962. (Photo by Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) 20 facts about pianos and Boston

On the occasion of the massive public piano installation, a look at some key numbers. By Marian Daniells

Miss Conduct

Dodging a third wheel

A trick for avoiding a friend’s husband (and other unwanted companions). Plus, when advice columnists attack! By Robin Abrahams

A Restaurant’s Take

The Rio Grande, a green chili cheeseburger, at Wild Willy’s Burgers. Green chili cheeseburger at Wild Willy’s

An American favorite with bite.

First Person

Patty Larkin. Water’s edge

Family hardships and escaping to a Cape Cod dune shack shaped Wellfleet singer-songwriter Patty Larkin’s new album. By Joel Brown

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Linda McGurin and John Norris. Blind date up in the air

Will these skydivers fall for each other?


Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. Letters to the editor

Readers respond to stories on Thomas Jefferson, college costs, and aging.

Tales From the City

Accent on ‘hot’

A misunderstanding while back-to-school shopping.