October 20, 2013 The Boston Globe Magazine

‘The Garden was roaring’

In a selection from his new memoir, Bruins great Bobby Orr remembers the thrills and should’ve-beens of the early 1970s. By Bobby Orr

Guess who’s coming to dinner

According to a few mediums, this nearly three-century-old New Hampshire home has extra inhabitants. By Jamie Page Deaton

The examiner

Squaring up

The Celtics have quite a few rookies to watch this year, but one newcomer will be easy to spot at 7 feet tall.


Questions for mom

Though there are many I wish I could ask her as I raise my kids, she answered the most important one before she died. By Laura Shea Souza


Ham chowder with leeks and cabbage. Chowder for landlubbers

Three versions made with exactly zero fish, clams, or lobsters. By Adam Ried

A Restaurant’s Take

Getting warmer

New England Soup Factory’s winning chowder formula. By Anne V. Nelson

Your Week Ahead

- 5 things to do in and around Boston

A horror movie marathon, antiques show, a talk by Elvis Costello, and more

On the Block

Barn yards

These homes have roomy outbuildings that are at least 200 years old.

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Kimberly Conlin and Chris O’Connor. Call me maybe

Will these daters connect, or lose the signal?

Tales From the City

Make it a double

A story about drinking wine at Logan.


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to a story on nature-based education.