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First Person

Behind the badge

Winston DeLeon, a Boston cop in the fugitive unit, returns for season two of the reality TV show ‘Boston’s Finest.’

David S. Holloway

I was always fascinated by police officers. My mom told me I should run around and chase my brothers and act like I was a cop when I was little.

There’s so much more here than in Trinidad, where I grew up poor, where you’re kind of locked into doing a trade. There were a lot more opportunities for us moving to Boston. Eventually I became an American citizen. After high school, I had a scholarship to go to Northeastern, but I decided to join the military because I knew that was a faster way to become a cop.

We’re police officers but we’re also human and just like regular citizens. That’s why I wanted to do [the show]. We’re trying to get in with the community, and they look at us pretty much like robots — coming in to work, taking care of the city — but they don’t know what we do. So we want to show them we have problems just like they do. We have family issues, just like normal people. The only difference is we get up and wear the badge and go out and protect the city.

Now they know we have a personality. So kids who would never walk up and talk to us, now they walk up and talk to us because they see we are real people. There are some people who don’t want to talk to you just the same way.


I’ve known Donnie [Wahlberg, executive producer] from singing and everything. Actually meeting him, I see he’s a real down-to-earth person. It’s easier doing the show knowing that he’s from Boston. We kind of open up a little more.

Season two is going to show a lot of action, a lot more personality. We’re more comfortable doing the show. Season one was great. But I think we really bring it in season two.


— As told to Amy Amatangelo (Interview has been edited and condensed.)

SEE IT Boston’s Finest resumes Tuesday at 9 p.m. on TNT.