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    Letters to the editor

    Readers respond to articles about park plans in Maine, pond skating.


    I really enjoyed reading Billy Baker’s piece about the efforts of the Quimby family to create a national park (“A Feud as Big as the Great Outdoors,” November 17). Long ago I was state planning director in Maine and know well the kind of emotion the effort has generated. But that’s not why I finished the story. Baker did a great job of keeping my attention. I typically wouldn’t make it all the way through a story like that, even when it’s about Maine, but I found his approach very engaging. Thanks for the entertaining, informative piece.

    Steve Adams


    [Critics] are complaining they can’t do whatever they want on someone else’s land? Classic Republicans; they are all for free enterprise until someone does something in free enterprise (like buy land and turn it into a park) that they don’t like.


    posted on

    You should have known better than to use “Mount Katahdin.” The mountain is known as Katahdin in the way that Mount McKinley is referred to as Denali. The Native American word “Katahdin” means “the greatest mountain,” so using “Mount Katahdin” is like saying “Mount Greatest Mountain.”

    Timothy Sheehan




    Thank you to Jay Atkinson for vividly bringing back fond memories of my youth spent skating on a New England pond (“Just the Right Kind of Cold,” November 10). His description of the multi-sensory, almost spiritual experience really resonated with me

    Mia Tavan


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