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Readers respond to an essay on Elizabeth Warren and our weekly events calendar.


I truly appreciate Eileen McNamara’s “quaint notion” that for Senator Elizabeth Warren to put her talents to work on the Banking Commission, where she can have a real impact on the lives of real people, is about as wonderful as government can get (Perspective, December 15). I hope Warren resists the temptations of the glory road, at least for a while. Great article.

Ann Somers

Brookline, New Hampshire

I had trouble keeping my Sunday morning English muffin down when I read the headline “Why Elizabeth Warren is too important to run for president.” She represents everything that is wrong with the direction our country is headed. Personal responsibility is being replaced by European thinking that the government knows best. She is just one more electoral mistake in a long line of them by Massachusetts voters.

Don A. Backlund


We have elected far too many lightweights the last several years. . . . Patrick, Obama, and now Warren. The liberals believe that talking about income inequality, raising the minimum wage, or amnesty for illegal aliens somehow makes one smart enough to govern. These misguided policies of the left have done nothing to improve the lives of those they claim to help.


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I read with amusement the December 15 Your Week Ahead, which included the Boston Tea Party event on the same page with the British Arrows Awards, the Celtic holiday concert, and the Holiday Teas event. The British are here! The British are here!

Janice Reed

Concord, New Hampshire

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