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    Letters to the editor

    Readers respond to the Bostonians of the Year issue.


    Thank you for providing your readers with the uplifting holiday gift of the December 22 issue. On a dreary Sunday with much sorrow in the news, it was inspiring to focus on Bostonians of the Year who made a positive difference. Each article covering these selfless, heroic individuals holds up a prism revealing the incredible range of ways in which human beings in our midst are making the world a better place. May we all reflect on our potential to help others and pray that we rise to the occasion when faced with sudden challenges. Every week my husband sets aside the Boston Globe Magazine because he knows it’s long been a staple of my “required reading.” The latest issue is the pinnacle.

    Nancy Burns


    The official first responders on Marathon Monday certainly deserve all the credit given to them, but those private citizens who responded seemed to be a forgotten group. With staff writer Neil Swidey’s article (“The Heroes Among Us,” December 22) and other features, they are finally being given the recognition due them. There were too many heroes that day and the days to follow to recognize individually, but let us be thankful that they are out there. I only hope in similar circumstances I would have the courage and presence of mind to act in the same manner.

    Karl Heinz


    Thank you for including Peter Stefan in your Bostonians of the Year issue (“The Lonely American,” December 22). He deserves to be there. I remember admiring his quiet dignity back in April when he went about doing a job that had to be done. And he never said a public negative word about either Tamerlan Tsarnaev or the ignorant fools who carried on in front of the funeral home. I was not surprised to read he helped bury AIDS victims back when there was so much fear and discrimination.

    Paula Rockwood



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