January 19, 2014 | Best of the new

Things to do

22 diversions for night and day.

Higher Ground Farm.

People & ideas

24 movers, shakers, and AHA! moments.


Distracted driving: How dangerous is it?

A study published in early January in the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed what we’ve all suspected: Driving while distracted ups the chance of getting into an accident, especially for teens. How bad is it?

Style Watch

Stretch bling bracelet, $48 at C. Wonder. Big wow for $100 or less

One strategic piece of statement jewelry can make your outfit. By Rachel Raczka


Food as love

My mother is gone now so I can’t ask her to teach me her recipes, but I could try my hand at a remedial cooking school. By Paul Schmidtberger

On the Block

No excuses

These homes feature great workout rooms to help you get moving.


Classic shrimp bisque. A shore supper

Excerpted from ‘The Coastal Table: Recipes Inspired by the Farmlands and Seaside of Southern New England.’

A Restaurant’s Take

Coffee Cabinet, Delekta's Pharmacy, Warren, RI. Coffee cabinet

A milkshake that’s not to be missed

Miss Conduct

Good etiquette to a ‘T’

The right (and wrong) way to give up a seat on the MBTA. Plus, splitting a hotel tab with a drunk guest. By Robin Abrahams

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Alison Webb and Tim Maclean. Hitting the slopes

Will this blind date end with black diamonds or hearts?

Tales From the City

Know a Bostonian by her taste in music

Waiting for the seventh-inning stretch at a concert in Israel.


Letters to the editor

Readers respond to Dave Barry’s end-of-year review, a story on the homeless, and more.