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A club drug glossary

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Bath Salts A broad label for certain street drugs, many of which have synthetic cathinones as active ingredients. Usually sold as powder, bath salts can produce energy and euphoria, but are also unpredictable, sometimes causing aggressive behavior, delusions, and paranoia. Examples include MDPV, 4-MEC, mephedrone, and methylone.

Ecstasy The popular name for MDMA pills in the 1990s. The drug came in different purity levels but was often mixed with methamphetamine, caffeine, heroin, ketamine, or other drugs.

Ketamine Also known as “special K,” an anesthetic that produces relaxation and feelings of weightlessness; in high doses it can cause amnesia, depression, and unconsciousness.


MDMA A psychostimulant known for producing euphoria and heightening sensations; in larger doses it can cause hyperthermia, seizures, and, rarely, death.

Methamphetamine Also called “speed” or “meth,” a psychostimulant known for producing extreme bursts of energy and sexual desire as well as insomnia and aggression.

Methylone Also known as “bk-MDMA” or “M1,” a member of the bath salts type of drugs sometimes sold as Molly.

Molly Introduced in the late 1990s as pure MDMA, it today can be MDMA with other chemicals such as speed, heroin, and bath salts, or bath salts with other drugs but no MDMA.

-- Michael Blanding