February 9, 2014 | Happy!

Can money buy happiness?

A smarter way to spend, a trip to an office focused on making you smile, and reasons to stop worrying about being happy.

Traffic engineer Neil Boudreau assumes his commuting position.

The secret to a happy marriage (and to a calmer commute)

Expert advice on navigating life’s chaos, including mood-lifting yoga and a look back on a year of Dinner with Cupid.

Only the start of the tunnel had lighting and ventilation when the final mission began. Tragedy beneath Boston Harbor

In 1999, two divers died deep in the nearly 10-mile-long Deer Island sewer tunnel. This selection from a new book follows the detective who investigated their fatal mission. By Neil Swidey

Your Week Ahead

Five things to do in and around Boston

A history of chocolate, the Boston Wine Expo, and tales of romantic embarrassment are on tap.


A late September vigil for Puppy Doe in Quincy. Cruel divide

Why does animal abuse seem to elicit more outrage than child abuse? By Jim Braude

First Person

Pipe dreams

Gold-medal-winning snowboarder Kelly Clark, ready for her fourth Olympic appearance, credits her intensity and Vermont upbringing for success in the halfpipe.

Style Watch

Gifts for guys

He’ll appreciate these love tokens, each under $100. By Rachel Raczka

On the Block

Gabled glory

Multilevel rooflines only add to the charm of these Shingle Style homes.

Miss Conduct

‘Are you all set?’

Annoyed by an apparent trend in customer service. Plus, how to tell a friend her gifts might be dangerous. By Robin Abrahams

A Restaurant’s Take

Borscht belt

Cafe St. Petersburg offers two hearty, warming bowls of the soup.

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Justin Chien and Kaz Bem. Jet set

Will this well-traveled duo find common ground, or will their date be a one-way ticket?

Tales From the City

She’s not from around here

A story of a mistaken license plate.


Letters to the editor

Readers respond to articles about the drug Molly and MBTA history.