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    Letters to the editor

    Readers respond to articles about the drug Molly and MBTA history.


    Wow! Thanks, Globe Magazine, for your pro-Molly article (“There’s Something About Molly,” January 26). I sincerely hope readers between the ages of 18 and 25 didn’t catch it — they certainly don’t need more reassurance of the “safety” of MDMA. Your article selectively quotes health officials who compare the low death rate of MDMA with that of heroin, as if it’s the lesser of two evils. I guess the Globe is asserting that “The Trouble With Molly,” as the language on the cover phrased it, is that it has been unfairly portrayed in the media (including the Globe) as a dangerous drug since death “rarely” occurs.

    Maureen Fagen

    North Reading

    In the article, Michael Blanding wrote, “While medical experts don’t call it safe, the risks of MDMA use are slight compared with other illegal street drugs such as crack, crystal meth, and heroin.” Saying the risks are slight is not accurate, and not specifically mentioning what makes MDMA unsafe is irresponsible. MDMA has an adverse affect on the immune system, which increases susceptibility to illness and in a setting such as a dance club may lead to a rapid spread of a pathogen. For instance, according to one 2002 study: “A statistically significant decrease in affected immune parameters was recorded during a 2-year observation period in a subgroup of recreational MDMA users. These permanent alterations in immunologic homeostasis may result in impairment of general health and subsequent increased susceptibility to infection and immune-related disorders.’’ Especially in Boston, a holy land of medical knowledge, this article should not have been published as it was.

    Dan Lowe

    Missoula, Montana


    Thank you for your wonderful story on the building of Boston’s subway system (“The Bigger Dig,” January 26). It was historical, yes, but it was also very interesting, informative, and just so much fun to read. Writer Doug Most made it come alive with all its characters, along with the tense moments and the quiet joy the people shared from such an accomplishment.

    MaryTheresa Saurman



    Thanks for a very interesting article. And what a fitting tribute to the past, that to this day you can STILL wait for the longest time at Park St., only to have three trolleys come in one right after another!


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