Tales From the City

In Roslindale, kids and kindness in the snow

A visit from thoughtful strangers bearing shovels.

So I’m at the bus stop, freezing, listening to a podcast, and this woman starts talking to me, about people shoving ahead of her, teenagers taking the handicap seats, kids today. Can’t you see my earbuds, I thought. Leave me alone. She kept talking, and I finally gave in and talked back. Her kids shovel, and they don’t overcharge like some — I mentioned one who asked for $100 once. “Where do you live?” she asked. “I’ll send my kids over.” I was vague, but then gave her my address. The bus finally came, we got on, sat separately, and that was that. But you’ve probably guessed the ending: I trudged home, dreading the frozen mess I’d find, but . . . I was all shoveled out. Car cleaned off and everything. Bless that woman and her kids. But who was she?

Peggy Freudenthal


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