Christine Koh.
Christine Koh.

My Favorite Family-Friendly Food Websites

By Molly Mirhashem

Christine Koh, editor of BostonMamas.com and coauthor of Minimalist Parenting, knows that meal planning for families can be a difficult task. These sites help her manage.

1. Relish (relish.com)

“They have great recipes and also a nice aesthetic, which is important to me.”

Extra tip: “Check out the Quick & Easy and Slow-Cooker options. Slow cookers are so handy; just toss ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, turn it on, and you’re done.”

2. This Week for Dinner (thisweekfordinner.com)

“It’s a realistic parent’s menu. There are things to make from scratch, but also buffer options like leftovers and nights to eat out.”


3. The Six O’Clock Scramble (thescramble.com)

“This family-friendly site is subscription-based and not very expensive. It gives menu plans and shopping lists to make meals really easy.”

4. Pinterest boards (pinterest.com)

“When I’m looking for something specific, I go to Pinterest. I like to see my food. I’m much more likely to try something that looks tasty in a photo.”

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