March 30, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

How programming savvy might save us from a surveillance state

Although most of the systems that track people are operated by corporations, the threat from surveillance-happy governments is most alarming. By Hiawatha Bray

International master Sam Sevian.

Could Sam Sevian become the youngest US chess grandmaster ever?

At 13, the Southbridge resident is one step away from the game’s highest title. By Joe DePaolo

Style Watch

Spring fashion: Cute, practical boots and umbrellas

Get rain ready. By Rachel Raczka

On the Block

For sale: Two renovated homes in Quincy

These houses in the “City of Presidents” were extensively renovated.


Mushroom sloppy joes. Three recipes that get their heft from mushrooms, not meat

Sichuan Noodles, Mushroom Pate, and — yes — Sloppy Joes. By Adam Ried

Miss Conduct

Taking a pre-wedding stand with a future mother-in-law

Plus, when one family throws off another’s schedule. By Robin Abrahams

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Quintin Marcus and David Lucey. Blind date: ‘Buon appetito’

On an evening in the North End, will the conversation be as good as the Italian fare?

A Restaurant’s Take

Thin-crust pizzas at Waltham’s Charcoal Guido’s

Portobellos star in meatless meal with onions, three cheeses in supporting roles.

Tales From the City

Things for playing with, things for looking at

A visit from the grandkids in Bellingham.


Responses to the story on Bryce Florie and Dinner With Cupid

Readers also weigh in on elderly drivers, tyrannical tots, and more.