April 20, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Women writers on ‘the day my life changed’

To mark the 40th anniversary of Rosie’s Place, novelist Alice Hoffman asked 40 writers each to compose a 40-word essay on the theme.

Rick Roth, left, and Rick Roth, right; the Gloucester one holds a boa constrictor, the Littleton one, a coati.

Two Rick Roths walk into a bar . . .

How is it that these local guys share the same name and same quirky line of work and yet have never met? We wondered that, too — and decided to do something about it. By Nicola Cataldo


Elizabeth Warren’s ‘A Fighting Chance’: An exclusive excerpt on the foreclosure crisis

The Massachusetts senator recalls an unsettling conversation with Timothy Geithner. By Senator Elizabeth Warren


Sources: US Lacrosse; e-Lacrosse; Federation of International Lacrosse; Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association; US Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association; American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; The Bryn Mawr School; Harvard team photograph from Harvard University Archives, HUPSF Lacrosse (1); Cannons photograph by Getty Images; belichick photograph by Jim Davis/Globe staff/file; sports equipment photographs by iStockphoto Lacrosse facts and figures

A quick look at one of America’s fastest-growing sports and the Boston Cannons’s home opener. By Eileen McEleney Woods

First Person

Behind the scenes at the MFA’s Art in Bloom

Mary Margaret Graham, who worked for the CIA for 29 years before retiring to Ipswich in 2008, is overseeing the Boston museum’s annual flower extravaganza.

Style Watch

Stylish ways to wear bold prints

Three fresh takes and pops of color with patterns. By Tina Sutton


Artichokes and beans with ham and sherry. 3 recipes for spring vegetables, Spanish-style

Artichokes, asparagus, and beans star in dishes that celebrate the season. By Adam Ried

A Restaurant’s Take

Sauteed artichokes at Kika Tapas in Cambridge

Small plates and other Spanish specialties in Kendall Square.

On the Block

20 Tucker Rd, Norfolk For sale: Homes in Wellesley and Norfolk

These properties offer plenty of room for entertaining.

Dinner With Cupid

From left, Heidi Zinser and Jon Cohan. Blind date: Chain reaction

Will these cyclists get into gear?

Tales From the City

The view of Patriots Day from the other side

A British visitor offers his take on the Battle of Lexington and Concord.


Readers respond to stories on climate change, historic preservation

Letters to the editor weigh in on global warming, tax credits, and more.