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Ted Williams’s daughter, Claudia Williams, tells her story

The last surviving child of the Boston Red Sox legend has written a book that offers an intimate view of the man.

Claudia Willams

My first trip to Fenway was in May of 1982 [to watch dad play in an old-timers game]. It was the most surprising and eye-opening experience a 10-year-old could have. I had no idea the impact that he had on New England. When I saw the reaction of the crowd, I was overwhelmed with emotion, with pride, with awe. 

I wrote this [book] to set my family’s story straight and to defend two heroes in my life: my father and my brother, John-Henry. The thing I most want people to know about my father is that he was an extremely enthusiastic, complex, and wonderful “Kid” to have as a father. My brother is perhaps even more misunderstood than my father. He was by far the best protector and caretaker and son that a father or a sister could wish for.

What people get right about my father is that he was a hall-of-famer of swearing, but he was truly larger than life and an extremely allegiant, patriotic American. One of his proudest accomplishments in his life was being a Marine. His heart was with children stricken with diseases. He was devoted to The Jimmy Fund practically his entire career and well beyond, until his death.


What most people misunderstood about cryonics and my family is that it’s not something that we have any intention of profiting from and that it should have been private. Nobody should ever know or have the right to know what a family chooses to do with loved ones after they die.

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 I hope Red Sox fans reading this book will feel a little bit more cautious and pause before they read anything that is written in [the media]. I hope they feel proud that one of the greatest New

England heroes was defended by his daughter, and hopefully there is some closure with that defense.   

— As told to Joel Brown (Interview has been edited and condensed.)

READ MORE Ted Williams, My Father: A Memoir will be released on May 13. Claudia Williams lives in Florida and has just finished nursing school.