June 1, 2014 | Your home: Family rooms

Brookline family gets a more livable layout

A family of five finds togetherness around work and play. By Marni Elyse Katz

How to kid- and pet-proof your home

The furnishings, finishes, and layouts that will let your wild things be wild. By Elizabeth Gehrman


Why I still shop at Walmart

Go ahead and picket the enormous chain, shop elsewhere, but then be thankful you can afford to. By Mark Pothier

Fans at Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. 8 great Boston bars for World Cup fans

So many matches, so many ways to watch championship soccer in Boston. Each of these hangouts has a personality of its own. By Kevin Alexander

This tiny antenna could revolutionize the way we watch tv. But first Chet Kanojia needs the Supreme Court to  see things his way. Aereo wants a TV revolution, if the Supreme Court will let it

Can a daring entrepreneur from Newton and his team of technologists upend the way we watch TV? Only if the Supreme Court doesn’t quash their idea first. By Scott Helman

Spring onions and a sugar snap pea, quinoa, and radish dish at Sarma. At restaurants, vegetables are stealing the show

After years of glorifying charcuterie, bacon, and hefty chops, chefs are beginning to push produce. By Devra First

Your Home: Family Friendly

In April 2013, both Stephen Register’s bedroom and the one shared by his two sisters, Fiona, now 4, and Bridget, 6, got a major boost, courtesy of the Room to Dream Foundation. The rooms highlight the siblings’ favorite things: for the girls, it’s butterflies and the color purple. Bright, happy kids’ rooms in Needham

Through the nonprofit Room to Dream Foundation, three siblings get cheery spaces to call their own. By Cheryl Fenton

Your Home: Family Friendly

By converting their garage into living space, the de Peyster family of Wellesley gained 315 square feet. That created space for a family room, complete with a custom sectional that has a pullout bed for guests, and a larger dining area. The perfect fit in Wellesley

By converting their garage into living space, a family of five gets the room they need to stay put in Wellesley. By Jaci Conry

Your Week Ahead

5 things to do in Boston the week of June 1

Pride Week, the Impressionists’ new MFA home, and a river festival relocating blocks from the Charles.

Dinner with Cupid

From left, Derrick Flanagin and Sasha Pedro. Blind date: Love me do

Will these two musical types find out they’re in tune? By Compiled Alex Stills


The boys’ room

We say we are saving so many of their toys, books, and clothes for our grandchildren, but that is not entirely true. By Patty Dann

Miss Conduct

I may (or may not) have given a guest food poisoning. What do I say?

Plus, an inappropriate time for a Tupperware party-style sales pitch. By Robin Abrahams

On the Block

For sale: Homes in the Hamilton-Wenham school district

These large houses sit in the highly regarded district. By Stacey Myers


Most popular baby names in Massachusetts in 2013

Benjamin and Emma were the top for the second year in a row. By Stephanie Vallejo

A Restaurant’s Take

Baked Alaska at the Gourmet Room

In Burlington, dinner and a show By Rachel Travers

Tales from the City

A call for help in the modern age

An exchange overheard during a swim lesson.


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to recent stories on New England travel, reforming health care, and a unique Miss Conduct column.