June 22, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Go take a hike (near Boston)

Day-trippers, campers, climbers, and even craft beer lovers, there’s a trail waiting for you. By George LeVines

The canal viewed from Buzzards Bay; the vertical lift railroad bridge appears first, with the Bourne Bridge behind it.

Cape Cod Canal’s 100th anniversary

On its 100th year, we look back at the Cape Cod Canal, an engineering marvel that changed our vacation playground forever. By Doug Most


Teaching Ruby Bridges

Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act, an educator on the front lines of desegregation is still sharing her lessons. By Barbara Henry (As told to Scott Helman)


Being single at weddings

I wish the perplexed bridesmaid I was had understood that wisdom about love is not limited to those blessed with partners. By Sara Eckel

The Boomers Issue

In Sutton, the LaRock and Bruno families house four generations under one roof. Clockwise from bottom left: 7-year-old Tony Bruno, his parents Jessica and Tony, Fred LaRock Jr. and Connie, and Fred LaRock Sr. and Grace Hidden joys of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Everyone talks about how tough it must be to squeeze into a home with both children and elderly parents. It can also be incredible. By Melissa Schorr

The Boomers Issue

Eighty-five percent of male boomers and 61 percent of female boomers report sexual satisfaction is critical to their relationships and quality of life. The complicated sex life of baby boomers

Divorces. Ailing parents. Boomerang kids. These days, fifty- and sixtysomethings sure are keeping busy. But that’s not about to stop the free love generation from, ahem, getting busy. By Alyssa Giacobbe


Watching ‘Brady Bunch’ with my daughters

Could classic TV bring Neil Swidey’s modern family even closer together? By Neil Swidey

Your Week Ahead

A beacon of calm before and during Clarence Thomas’s stormy confirmation, here Anita Hill is sworn in. 5 things to do around Boston the week of June 22-28.

The Roxbury International Film Festival, the Somerville Trash Bash, and more.

First Person

Novelist Celeste Ng on dreaming of being a writer

The Cambridge-based, Harvard-educated Ng has penned a debut novel about a Chinese-American family.

Miss Conduct

Advice: Can you throw your own birthday party?

Plus, diffusing tensions with a neighbor over on-street parking. By Robin Abrahams

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: Deja vu

These daters already know each other. Will they exit the friend zone? By

A Restaurant’s Take

Strawberry shortcake at Forum

The Back Bay restaurant makes strawberry shortcake with just-baked vanilla cake and fresh strawberries. By Rachel Travers

On the Block

Historical homes in Marblehead, Medfield

These antiques have received some updates over the years while retaining many original details. By Stacey Myers


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to stories on cord cutting, cooking with vegetables, and a family tragedy.