June 29, 2014 | The boomers issue

Baby boomers talk about turning 65

Ten of the 10,000 American boomers celebrating their 65th birthday on June 29 discuss reaching a milestone.

In Sutton, the LaRock and Bruno families house four generations under one roof. Clockwise from bottom left: 7-year-old Tony Bruno, his parents Jessica and Tony, Fred LaRock Jr. and Connie, and Fred LaRock Sr. and Grace

Hidden joys of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Everyone talks about how tough it must be to squeeze into a home with both children and elderly parents. It can also be incredible. By Melissa Schorr

The Boomers Issue

Florence Gans’s daughter-in-law Lori and Joan Roover (right) unpack together. Downsizing? Senior move managers want to help

As boomers look to move themselves — or their parents — some look to a special kind of mover. By Alison Lobron


Being single at weddings

I wish the perplexed bridesmaid I was had understood that wisdom about love is not limited to those blessed with partners. By Sara Eckel


Teaching Ruby Bridges

Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act, an educator on the front lines of desegregation is still sharing her lessons. By Barbara Henry (As told to Scott Helman)

First Person

Urban farmer Jessie Banhazl on planting at Google, Akamai

Earlier in June, the Green City Growers founder built vegetable gardens — one on a roof, one in a park — in Kendall Square.


Sauteed Sugar snap peas and shiitakes with scallion and sesame. Recipes for sugar snap peas

In season in early summer, sugar snaps are crisp, crunchy, refreshing, slightly sweet, and wholly satisfying. By Adam Ried

Style Watch

Designing a preppy, fun living room

This Wellesley space blends modern and traditional with a touch of humor. By Jaci Conry

A Restaurant’s Take

Sugar snap peas at Sarma

In Somerville, fresh Middle Eastern flavors. By Devra First

Dinner With Cupid

Love’s sweet sounds

He’s a concert promoter, she calls music her “vice.” On their blind date, will they hit the same note?


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to stories on Walmart and short vacations.

Tales from the City

A Boston driver in D.C.

A former cabdriver explains what makes us special.