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Mother Juice plans to arrive in Kendall Square

Ellen Fitzgerald, co-owner of the popular juice and smoothie food truck, is readying a storefront in Cambridge’s Kendall Square.

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Laura Baldini and I got the idea for the food truck walking around at farmers’ markets in Davis Square. We thought it would be so great to buy produce and to turn it into juice and a snack. We put it on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012 and we just got an awesome response. We launched the truck in the spring of 2013. Our customers were so supportive. It was a good way for us to get to know a lot of different communities in Boston, because a food truck is an interactive experience.

In the back of our heads we knew the next step would be a brick and mortar. The food truck was a way to test the market, get our feet wet, be in a lot of different markets, and learn the operational side. We wanted to plant some permanent roots. We were looking for a small space. I was so pleasantly surprised by the activity in [Kendall Square]. It’s a forward-thinking neighborhood.


We also wanted to go brick and mortar to have a wider menu. We’ll have an expanded list of juices and smoothies, all organic, and then we’ll have salads, which will be vegan with homemade dressings. We’ll also have local vegan items made in Boston: popcorn, kale chips, little snacks. We work with Red Fire Farm, Enterprise Farm, and Siena Farms a lot.

We’re shooting for the first week of August. There will be a window bar with four seats and small tables and a little bit of outdoor seating. Across from our shop, there’s a courtyard where people can sit down. Having the shop will give us the opportunity to be more consistent. We took a little hiatus from the truck, but it will still be up and running to complement the restaurant.

(Interview has been edited and condensed.)


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