July 20, 2014 | Your home: Retreats on the Cape & Islands

An extended-family gathering place in Orleans

A Boston couple invest in a 200-year-old fixer as a summer outpost for the whole clan. By Marni Elyse Katz

A sunny yellow island is the focal point of the Maguire family’s kitchen on Scraggy Neck, in the Bourne village of Cataumet.

In Bourne, a second home with space for seven

With five active kids, ages 3 to 13, a family builds summer memories at this cheery retreat on Scraggy Neck. By Marni Elyse Katz

First Person

A rare ride, the bamboo bicycle

Erba Cycles’ Randall Levere turns heads with the unexpected material he uses in his South Boston cycling business.

Why do shrinks flock to Cape Cod’s Wellfleet?

Every summer, thousands of mental health professionals pack their bags and set off for the tiny town (Pop. 2,750). By Neil Swidey

The effects of climate change are “threat multipliers for the many problems faced by the poor around the globe,” Dorothy Boorse writes.  What would Jesus do (about climate change)?

Gordon College science professor Dorothy Boorse wants evangelical Christians to connect practicing their faith with caring for the environment. By Jennifer Weeks

Your Home: Cape & Islands

Daughter Isabel relaxes in the addition’s cathedral-ceilinged dining room. A Cape addition with loads of charm

A year-round home in Orleans gets some extra square footage and a full dose of pretty. By Jaci Conry

Your Home: Cape & Islands

The homeowners’ daughter Caitie enjoys quiet moment on the living room deck of this West Tisbury getaway. Building their Martha’s Vineyard dream home

They bought the land in West Tisbury in 2001. Now the cool, casual getaway they envisioned has come to life. By Marni Elyse Katz

Your Home | The Guide

How to install solar power and save

It’s never been easier or more financially appealing. By Elizabeth Gehrman


His Google Maps obsession

Getting to our destination is no longer a straightforward affair. By Erin Blakeley

Your Week Ahead

5 things to do around Boston the week of July 20

Starting next Saturday, Salem’s 1630 Pioneer Village hosts the 10th annual installment of The New England Pirate Faire.

Perspective | Jim Braude

Should we bother with ballot questions?

Voters have some important decisions to make this fall. Now let’s hope our elected representatives actually listen to us. By Jim Braude

First Person

Mother Juice plans to arrive in Kendall Square

Ellen Fitzgerald, co-owner of the popular juice and smoothie food truck, is readying a storefront in Cambridge’s Kendall Square.

A Restaurant’s Take

A burger stuffed with barbecue

Doubling the decadence at Chili Head Barbeque in West Bridgewater By Jessica Bartlett

Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: Page turner

With two handsome leading men, will this date be a bestseller or a total flop?

On the Block

For sale: Homes for golf lovers in Plymouth, Canton

Ideal homes for those who like to putter around. By Stacey Myers

Tales from the City

What kind of restaurant is this?

A sophisticated 6-year-old finds something new in Palm Beach.


Letters to the editor

Globe Magazine readers respond to stories on baby boomers and civil rights pioneers.