Women & Power

Paula Bennett on Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Mass.

Photograph composites by Josh Andrus; Hair and makeup by Angela Marinis; Photograph retouching by Picturebox Creative

President and CEO since 2008 of J.Jill (No. 12), a Quincy-based seller of women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear

 What was one of your most important early leadership lessons?

I learned the value of working with and assembling the best teams possible while creating connections across the organization. One person can’t have all the answers, and it’s important to have a culture that supports collaboration and connection to deliver on shared goals.

What advice do you give new college grads?

Stay curious and continue to learn. Choose a career and work that you love, and have fun with it. Learn the importance of teamwork and valuing peoples’ individual talents. And, finally, that personal integrity is of the utmost importance.

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