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Readers respond to recent stories on football coach Ken LaChapelle, Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi, and more.


In a world where 95% of news is negative, this is a breath of fresh air. [“The Coach,” November 16]. Nice going, Ken [LaChapelle].

sleepin / posted at


Thanks for sharing this thoughtful “No Crying at Car Talk” [Connections, November 16]. Tom and Ray [Magliozzi] are part of Boston’s storied history. Rest in peace, Tom.


amicus57 / posted at

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When I moved to Hawaii for seven years, I would just find a place to drive to so I could listen to Car Talk and get a piece of the mainland. It was like going home. How can you not smile and laugh along with them? That laugh was literally infectious and a national treasure.

BangieBoston / posted at

Connections author Louie Cronin and I went to high school together. She once invited me and my husband and our two sons to the taping of Car Talk. We were so excited to have that special opportunity. We were included as guests for the lunch after the taping with Tom, Ray, and Louie, and other staff. Great role model for working together and creating a nurturing environment. Thank you to Louie for capturing the essence of their legacy to us all.

Bonnie Steinberg / New Hyde Park, New York


I am a 72-year-old woman who treats her 1993 Volvo 245 like a 17-year-old teenager would. So I always enjoyed the comments about the old cars, that this or that was wrong with them. The answers were hilarious or on target. All things must pass, I know. But this is a sad one.

Harriet Ahouse / Cambridge

In the recent past we lost two great Toms. Tom Menino the mayor and Tom Magliozzi the NPR humorist. We will miss both, but I will miss the humor that was divvied out on Saturday, mostly since I can identify with the frequent callers who needed advice on keeping their well-used vintage cars on the road.

Peter Babachicos / Milton

“There’s no crying at Car Talk Plaza”  . . . they ought to put that on Tommy’s gravestone.


Ignatz59 / posted at


The Gengels are to be commended for honoring the memory of their daughter Britney through the establishment of an orphanage, creating ongoing support and care for Haiti’s most vulnerable residents, orphaned children (“Finding Hope in Haiti,” November 16). We at Regis College in Weston endorse their efforts, creating sustainable programs for Haiti. Dating to pre-earthquake 2007, Regis College nursing faculty have been accompanying nurses in Haiti toward improving nursing care through advanced education. Our “Educate the Educator” model aims to advance nursing education through nurse faculty development. Regis College, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, abides by a primary ethic of caring for “the dear neighbor.” We are privileged to work with our neighbors and colleagues in Haiti to advance nursing care and improve health outcomes of Haitians. We salute our Massachusetts friends and neighbors, the Gengels, for their outstanding contribution to Haiti, providing a home for children and in turn improving the health and well-being of this community.

Nancy W. Street

Executive Director

Regis College Haiti Project


Regarding Miss Conduct, (November 16), I recall reading in some French etiquette guide that it was OK to put on lipstick in public as long as you didn’t pull out a mirror to do so. (I lived for many years in France.) Maybe the United States is different.

Carolyn White / Cambridge

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