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Twice-baked potato at Boston Chops

Stuffed with cheese curds and gravy, this side dish is a twist on classic Canadian poutine.

Boston, MA 112014 Twice baked potato from Boston Chops in the South End, Thursday, November 20 2014. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff) section: Magazine slug: 113014take reporter:
Boston Chops Photograph by Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

The baked potato is the culinary equivalent of a blank canvas, ready to be dressed up with flavor. Boston Chops in the South End gets creative with its potato, twice-baking it and packing it with elements of the classic Canadian delicacy poutine — complete with melty cheese curds and gravy. But chef Christopher Coombs doesn’t stop there. He has enhanced the popular side dish with fresh herbs, bacon, and crispy fried onions. The result is a beautiful union of steakhouse classic and delectable street food.  

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