March 22, 2015 | The Boston Globe Magazine

Planning a trip to Disney? Read this first.

A major overhaul of parks technology means preparing for the perfect getaway has never been more exacting. Game on, mouse.By Melissa Schorr

A highlight of the trip for my daughters included meeting Anna from “Frozen.” /// photo by Melissa Schorr/Globe Staff

Exploring Tom Sawyer’s island also ranked high on the girls’ list of highlights. //  photo by Melissa Schorr/Globe Staff

MagicBands got us into our hotel room, let us buy snacks, and more. // photo by Melissa Schorr/Globe Staff

The entrance to Magic Kingdom, via Main Street USA, still looks familiar. // istockphoto

My husband scores a scuba dive in Epcot’s mega saltwater tank with just one day’s notice; we watch from the Coral Reef restaurant. // photo by Melissa Schorr/Globe Staff

By pre-booking with FastPass+, you can skip the lines on three rides per day with a wave of your MagicBand. Remember you need to reserve rides two months in advance. // photographs from Walt Disney World Resort

If you don’t want to subsist on fast food, make your reservations at California Grill — and all the other on-site restaurants that take them —180 days before your trip. // photographs from Walt Disney World Resort

New rides like the Seven Dwarfs coaster can come with longer waits. // Associated Press

 Opening illo: illustration by Doug Chayka

Best of Bermuda, the sun-seeker’s vacation guide

A surprisingly short hop from Boston, this friendly little island has plenty of superlatives to keep you busy — all served with a British accent. By Elizabeth Gehrman

The Volvo Ocean 65 yachts set off on October 11 from Alicante, Spain, for their nine-month, nine-leg seafaring marathon.  /// photograph by Marc Bow

US skipper Charlie Enright is from Bristol, Rhode Island. // photo by Amory Ross 

All the sailboats in the Volvo Ocean Race have identical designs. //photo by Ainhoa Sanchez

  The “one-design” platform ensures that the race will be a contest of sailing skill instead of technology. // photo by Corinna Halloran

Newport’s Fort Adams State Park will serve as Race Village headquarters during the 12-day stopover in May. // photo by Sam Greenfield

Visitors explore the Race Village in Auckland, New Zealand. // photograph by Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

What to see when Volvo Ocean Race comes to Newport

A round-the-world regatta takes a breather, allowing sailing fans a glimpse behind the scenes.By Brion O’Connor

The Arts Issue

35 must-see spring and summer arts events in New England

Boston Globe critics share what’s at the top of their list for books, visual arts, dance, film, pop music, classical music, and theater.

Edwin Schlossberg wanted the visitor experience at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate to be immersive rather than passive. // photo by Stephen Wilkes Behind the Kennedy Institute experience with Edwin Schlossberg

The story of the software, the programs, the tablets, and Ted Kennedy’s vision for his institute. By Doug Most

The Arts Issue

Seeing Hokusai in Boston? Thank this eccentric Brahmin

The vast majority of the Japanese works in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston show come from a rebel named William Sturgis Bigelow. By Roger Warner

The Arts Issue

Inside the battle for Boston’s country music soul

A brash radio newcomer, WBWL/The Bull, takes on a legacy station, WKLB, spurring a good ol’ throwdown. By Scott Helman


 Think it’s tough to rent? Try being a landlord

An owner of two apartments tallies the pro-tenant leaning of Massachusetts. By Elizabeth Gehrman

Vice President Joe Biden served in the US Senate for 36 years alongside Ted Kennedy. Joe Biden recalls Ted Kennedy as mentor who made a difference

With the Kennedy Institute for the US Senate ready to open in Dorchester, the vice president says his influence is missed. By Joe Biden


What spring means to the Massachusetts real estate market

Melting snow and rising temps bring an itch to aspiring sellers and buyers.


15perspective - Pencil Behind Girl's Ear (Lisa Pines/Getty Images) This year, students shouldn’t have to make up every snow day

School districts are tied in knots trying to make up cancellations. Let’s give them a break. By Rebecca Steinitz

First Person

Jessica Stern, author of the book Harvard lecturer Jessica Stern on the roots of ISIS

The Cambridge-based terrorism expert shines a light on the Islamic State in her new book.

Style Watch

Capture One Session1754.tif Decorating with blush and gray

This ’80s color pairing is fresh again, best done in clean silhouettes. By Marni Elyse Katz

Your Week Ahead

5 things to do in Boston March 23 to March 29

A Neil Diamond concert, the Big Apple Circus, dining Julia Child style, and more.

On the Block

For sale: Waterfront homes in Hull and Wareham

With these properties, sit back and take in the views. By Stacey Myers


Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers respond to stories about open offices, grieving for a child, and Gamergate.

Tales from the City

Saying sorry

Big girls get timeouts, too.