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Deflategate in verse? Yep, here are your poems

We asked Globe Magazine readers to share their views on the NFL controversy.

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In a contest in our May 24 issue, we invited readers to share their thoughts on the NFL controversy in the form of a poem. After reading 120 submissions, we selected Paul M. MacDonald Jr. as the winner; he’ll receive the No. 12 jersey used in our cover photo shoot and the Globe’s 2015 Super Bowl book, autographed by Globe sportswriters. Thanks to all who entered.


By Paul M. MacDonald Jr. / Belmont

There once was a Pat named Tom Brady,

Who married a beautiful lady.

With his records and rings

And the fame it all brings,


They say that his methods were shady.

The roars of his Patriot Nation

Were hushed by the hiss of deflation.

Who knew that he bled so

‘Cause another team said so.

Kraft clammed up to end confrontation.

Though they say that it’s all within reason,

To agree would be some form of treason.

As our hero gets thumped,

It’s hard to get pumped

For a Brady-less start to next season.


By Rick Blum / Bedford

In time it will be a dim memory

Dubious charges of chicanery

Born, it is clear, from rank jealousy

Claiming our balls were shrunk purposely

When physics shows how they came to be

As soft as sumptuous wedges of brie

Leaving a stain on Bill’s legacy

As well as deflating the Kraft treasury

But thinking about it, between you and me

I say in the future more wise it will be

To cease all this needless Tomfoolery

And strive to be Champs of Integrity

By Gerry Brennan / Brookline

It’s a mystery for sure

why the balls were so soft

or if this did indeed

help Tom send them aloft

but one thing is certain

in New England we cheer

the Pats and Tom Brady


will be back next year

By Sally S. Curran / Dedham

Was thumbing through the Globe tonight

Perusing page by page

Where columns, headlines, words spotlight

Deflategate center stage.

The news of cancer research or

Of urban crime increase,

Of politics and local lore,

No military peace

Of women’s rights and aerospace,

Of Middle East unrest

All fall a sorry second place

To Number 12 obsessed.

Billed patriotic duty too

This feeding frenzy hell

Seems media, fans, readers do

Adore the NFL.

Take no more time please, I implore

No more time over this

Just let it go, and shut the door

Drop kick and then dismiss.

When asked my thoughts about this mess,

I go right out the gate

You cheat, you lie, you spy, oh yes,

And then you do deflate.

To me that screams dishonesty

I think they’re all the same.

Good men, I heard, play by the rules

In life and in the game.

By Joe Tarbell / Walpole

Listen my children and you shall hear

of a dastardly, shamelessly league-sponsored smear.

With a novelist’s touch and a trove of not much

Mr. Wells has proclaimed what’s the reach of the year.

Over two hundred pages of “maybe” and “guess,”

where not one item notes an illegal request.

A conclusion is reached of “more prob’ly than not”

our TB may have known of a deflation plot.

If you think a QB whose game prep beats them all

would want anyone randomly needling his ball


after hours of work to get just the right feel

I’ve a bridge to be sold and can offer a deal.

By Patricia A. Carrick / Belfast, Maine

I’m wearing the tee shirt.

I’m wearing the hat.

I’m wearing the jersey,

So how about that!

I’m sick of Deflategate,

An overreaction.

I still love Tom Brady,

The Pats’ star attraction.

Whatever his misdeeds

(if misdeeds there were)

He’s not a big cheater,

And I’m very sure

That any aspersions

Against his repute

By those who are biased

Aren’t hard to refute.

The years of achievement,

Of standing so tall,

All gone in an instant

Like air from a ball?


The years of excitement,

Of watching him play?

I won’t let Deflategate

Take my joy away!

I stand with Tom Brady

Whatever he’s done.

He wears number 12 but

He’s still number 1.

By David McCann / Watertown

There once was a fellow named Tom

whose coif was incredibly plomb.

When opponents would bait him,

Shouting “Let’s just deflate him!”

He’d toss another forty-yard bomb.

By Noah Thomas / age 13 / Brookline

In the weeks leading up to the big game,

Deflation was all of the talk,

The Patriots put the mighty Colts to shame,

45-7, a delightful cake walk.

But how would the game change by the air in the ball,

Is a question one might ask,

Good looks, lots of money, Brady truly has it all,

To dethrone him is the national media’s task.


After a Super Bowl victory, 28-24,

With the footballs perfectly fine,

The Patriots were hated more than ever before,

The questioners were standing in line.

Who deflated the balls? Why did you cheat?!

But the truth was finally shown,

Did they deflate footballs? Brady took all the heat,

And he began to get pushed off his throne.

Two draft picks were gone and Brady is out four games,

Goodell is not great at his work,

The haters were proud, but the Pats fans insane,

Is the end of Brady beginning to lurk?

Garoppolo will hold down the fort for sure,

As this isn’t as bad as it looks,

While this is tough for Pats fans to endure,

Our Super Bowl win is in the books!

By Rhonda I. Arsenault / Fitchburg

There once was a QB named Brady,

Whose tactics some think a bit shady.

He may take the fall

Because of a ball.

So what? Gisele’s still his lady.

Most Pats fans are done with Deflategate.

But foes may still use it as hate bait.

Pats fans will still cheer

In spite of their fear

That low temps don’t change the inflate rate.

So why such a fuss? What’s the reason?

Goodell! We all know what side he’s on!

It’s all overkill.

So listen to Bill.

His advice: “We’re on to next season.”

By Eileen M. Dahill / Woburn

What do I think of Deflate-gate?

I think it will be a long wait-gate

’Til it’s settled by all,


But not ’til the Fall

And by then it will be a too late-gate!


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