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What’s going on in New Hampshire

From the region’s tallest peak to the nation’s first primary, what to expect on your New Hampshire vacation, by the numbers.


From the region’s tallest peak to the nation’s first primary, your vacation in New Hampshire, by the numbers.

>258—Number of islands in Lake Winnipesaukee; three are called Loon

>213 feet—Maximum depth of Lake Winnipesaukee

>600-plus billion gallons—Estimated volume of Winnie

>5—There are at least five translations of the Abenaki word Winnipesaukee; the most poetic is “Smile of the Great Spirit.”

>Puritan Backroom—Manchester restaurant that has had many visits from presidential candidates

>Best spot to get your baby kissed by a candidate—At a July Fourth or “old home day” parade


>1916—Year of first, unofficial Laconia motorcycle rally (Motorcycle Week is 6/13-21 this year)

>1923— First official year

>Tourism— The state’s second-largest industry (after smart manufacturing/high technology)

>Wolfeboro calls itself the oldest summer resort town in the United States.

>43 stands on New Hampshire’s ice cream trail

>Don’t picnic without it— Tupperware was invented in 1938 by Earl Tupper, a native of Berlin, New Hampshire.

>6,288 ft.— Height of Mount Washington,the highest point in the state.

>Until 2010, it was the site of the wind gust record (231 miles per hour), set in 1934.

>45,000— cars travel the auto road each summer

>91,000— people arrive by rail

>80,000 people walk to the summit

“It’s kind of because of Lake Winnipesaukee, because we love that lake, but Winnipesaukee is too long of a name for a little girl. So we went with Winnie.” — Jimmy Fallon tells New York magazine about how he and his wife named their daughter

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