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Move-in day is fast approaching in Boston.
Move-in day is fast approaching in Boston.shutterstock/Goodmorning3am

> 38,232 — Number of students living in off-campus housing in Boston in 2014

> 4 — The maximum number of full-time undergraduate students allowed to live in an apartment, according to the Boston zoning code

> 2,653 — Number of students living in the Allston area

> 44 percent — Percentage of students living in Allston/Brighton who are undergrads

> 64.55 percent — Percentage of Allston’s population between the ages of 20 and 34, making it the neighborhood with the largest young adult population in Boston

> 1874 — The year Boston annexed Allston/Brighton

> 358 — Acres of land in Allston dedicated to academic space, the most of any neighborhood in Boston


> 2008 — The year “Allston Christmas” was added to Urban Dictionary; according to, ahem, legend, the phrase refers to the bounty of free stuff that one can acquire on September 1 by walking the streets and foraging for castoffs that students couldn’t fit into their apartment or moving truck

> $1,306 — The median, or midpoint, rent in Allston

> $958 — The median rent in Massachusetts

> 1325 — Address on Comm. Ave. where Aerosmith members wrote their early music, specifically Apartment 41

> “P.S. Allston rules.” — David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Sources: City of Boston Student Housing Trends report, 2014-2015; Boston Redevelopment Authority; City-Data.com; Urban Dictionary