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Last winter’s Snowmageddon, by the numbers

It was the worst of times for commuters and travelers during the historic winter of 2014-15.

“I wasn’t made for winter!” Sally Brown from “Peanuts.” EMAIL

> 110.6 inches — Total snow accumulation for Boston during the winter of 2014-2015

> 64.8 inches — Total accumulation in February, the snowiest month on record in Boston history

> 56 — The longest stretch of consecutive days in which the MBTA failed to have all its subway cars in service (January 22-March 18)

> 1,354 — Decline in number of flights at Logan Airport in February 2015, compared with February 2014

> 295,000 — Miles of road plowed in boston, about equal to 12 trips around the Earth

> 33% — The percentage of commuter rail trains that were on time in February


> $19.4 million — The amount Keolis Commuter Services, the commuter rail operator, lost in the first half of 2015 due to high overtime costs, penalty payments to the MBTA, and repairs to equipment

Top destinations for Bostonians fleeing last winter’s weather, according to travel app Gogobot:

> Las Vegas

> Dubai

> Cape Town

> Puerto Rico

> San Diego

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