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HubSpot tops list of large companies

Freedom to work from home and plentiful snacks are just some of the ways the Cambridge online marketing company aims to accommodate employees.

HubSpot tops the list of large companies.
HubSpot tops the list of large companies.
At HubSpot’s office in Cambridge, a hammock for employees. Keith Bedford/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

HubSpot aims to change online marketing and sales to better fit how people want to buy. The same philosophy applies to the Cambridge-based company’s culture, says chief executive Brian Halligan, who wants to create a workplace that accommodates how today’s employees want to work. In practice, that means plenty of personal responsibility, freedom to work from home, and lots of snacks.

Thoughts from the top: “There’s a tremendous amount of transparency built into the company,” Halligan says. “When people can see what you’re up to, they buy into it more.”

Magic moment: When things go wrong, director of reliability Ian Marlier is most confident he’s working at the right company. Because HubSpot gives Marlier’s team the autonomy to tackle a problem as it sees fit, these situations evoke a satisfying sense of creativity and responsibility, he says. “Those are the moments when I can look around and say, ‘I did a good thing today.’ ”

Office space: There’s no such thing as a corner office. Senior executives sit in cubicles, side by side with entry-level software developers and mid-career marketers. A few times a year, there is a “seat shuffle” that moves everyone to a new space, exposing them to different people and preventing them from getting too set in their routines.


Off hours: HubSpot abounds with volunteer, educational, and social opportunities for employees. Among them: a women’s book club discussion of Mindy Kaling’s new work, a cocktail-mixing class taught by one of the company’s engineers, and Mystery Dinners, in which participating employees learn their destination and which company leaders will be joining them at the last minute.

What sets the company apart, in a word: Autonomy


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