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Patrick Chung balances the Patriots and his charity for kids

The safety’s karaoke night will raise money to help kids explore arts, academics, and athletics.

Charles Krupa/Associated Press

We make free programs, whether it's arts, athletics, academics, that help kids have a better chance in the future. If I see something that inspires me, we pick it. Some kids don't have the same opportunities and resources that other kids have. Kids are the future; they just don't know it yet. If you can get kids started at an early age, display their talents and get them into doing something constructive with their lives, it's easier for them to be successful.

[Chung Changing Lives] did music camps in Chinatown. It was a six-week program to write music, read music, learn how to play instruments, how to make videos with music in it, just make the kids come in and create friendships. We're working on a football camp on Thompson Island, and we have the karaoke event. I feel music helps the soul, so I definitely wanted to keep within the music background and make it fun.


My mom was a famous singer, my dad was a producer, so music has been a part of my family. I definitely can't sing. I write some music, that's about it. I put some good music on and I feel like nothing can ever get me mad. You're having a bad day, a good day, a kind of good day — there's a song for everything. You might be listening to the perfect song at that time — it'll make you feel a little better.

People want to have karaoke. They can have a couple drinks, have some fun, and help kids at the same time. A lot of guys [on the team] have already asked me, "Yo, when's your event? I can't wait." Gronk said he's working on his song right now. So when he goes onstage, he's gonna kill it. Those are his words, though. So hopefully it works out for him. It should be fun.


THE STAGE IS YOURS The Chung Changing Lives open mike karaoke fund-raiser will be held December 7 at Splitsville Luxury Lanes and Howl at the Moon in Foxborough. For details, go to chungchanginglives.org.