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It’s official: Massachusetts is the smartest state

Gathering the studies and surveys that testify we’re tops.


The Washington Post recently named Massachusetts the smartest state in the nation. In 2014, using different metrics, investing website thestreet.com reached the same conclusion. Here's some intelligence we gathered.

> 104.3 — Estimated state IQ, according to a 2006 study

> 1st — Where Massachusetts ranked in that study

> 38.2% — Percentage of state's adult population with bachelor's degrees

> 1st — Where Massachusetts ranks

> 16.4% — Percentage of state's adult population with advanced degrees

> 1st — Where Massachusetts ranks

> 8 — Number of Massachusetts communities among the 50 "smartest cities" in the nation, according to the website luminosity.com (Cambridge, Amherst, Somerville, Lexington, Brighton, Watertown, Waltham, Natick)


> 6 — Number of 2016 Rhodes Scholars who are from Massachusetts or attend school here

> 107 — The Number of MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" fellows living in Massachusetts at the time of their awards, 1981-2013

> 1,200 — Approximate number of members in the Boston chapter of Mensa, which covers the eastern half of the state

> 92 — Number of Massachusetts schools in U.S. News's 2015 rankings of best high schools

Matt Damon as Will Hunting in “Good Will Hunting.”George Kraychyk/REUTERS/REUTERS

"My boy's wicked smart." — Casey Affleck as Morgan O'Mally, about Matt Damon's Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting

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