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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: Meet me on Nantucket?

Will a mutual fondness for island life bond these two?

Kim Starbuck.

KIM STARBUCK: 35 / marine biologist

On a desert island, she’d bring: A surfboard, her camera, and a bird identification book

She’s happiest: Spending summer weekends on Nantucket

GENE HOLMSTEAD: 47 / engineer

On a desert island, he’d bring: Running shoes, sailboat, compass

His hobbies: Skier, sailor, running marathons



Kim I took my dog for a walk, then listened to the new Justin Bieber song to get pumped (don’t judge). I spent probably an hour searching for my iron — this was likely the first time I ironed in 2015.

Gene Holmstead.

Gene I showered and chose a comfortable outfit.


Kim I tried Google-stalking him using the little information that I had (“Gene” and “Boston”), but I mostly just got hits for DNA sequencing.

Gene I was excited for the adventure. My date was already at the table with a drink and an appetizer when I arrived.


Kim He was cute, tall, and had a big smile. He also was nicely dressed.

Gene My date looked youthful, trim, and bright-eyed.

Kim I proceeded to immediately spill guacamole on my nicely ironed shirt, so the date was off to a great start.

Gene We talked about where we live, what we do. She does work to increase the turtle population. I discovered we both have connections to Nantucket. Her parents have a house there, and I’ve visited the island many times over the years. We talked about the Nantucket Rock Run and the three Nantucket Triathlons I’ve completed.

Kim We talked about running a beach relay race out there called the Rock Run. We both do a fair amount of long-distance running and both ran the NYC marathon — although he showed me up by running the NYC marathon something like seven times to my one time.


Gene She ordered steak tacos and I ordered swordfish. The food was excellent; the service was highly attentive.

Kim My tacos did get pretty messy, and I resorted to using a knife and fork, which probably seemed weird.

Gene I liked her as a person from the start. She was friendly and open.


Kim He seemed adventurous, which I like. He was easy to talk to, and we had a fair amount in common. I think we both got more comfortable as the date went on. Margaritas tend to have that effect.

Gene Once we were done with dessert, she suggested we ask for the check, which I took as her being ready to end the date. I didn’t sense any romantic chemistry.

Kim We realized we exceeded the budget by quite a bit — whoops! He asked for my number, I gave it to him, and we walked outside.

Gene We discussed each other’s plans for the remainder of the weekend. I gave her a hug just before she got into her cab.


Kim I would see him again as friends or if he wants to run some miles on the sand with my relay team on Nantucket.

Gene It’s a possibility. She occasionally needs an additional runner to fill out her team.


Kim / A-

Gene / A

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