Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers weigh in on stories about medical research, a stealth holiday decorator, and the climate debate.


Thank you for highlighting the work of a few of our many world-class medical researchers in Boston (“Racing to a Cure,” December 6). We should not forget that much of this critical research is not driven by new medications or devices, but rather by examining scientific problems to develop new clinical answers. This type of research is primarily government funded and benefits all of us directly or indirectly. We need to advocate for robust federal medical research funding. Anything less puts our nation’s lead in medical advances and our collective health at risk.

Edwin Andrews

Administrative Director

Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Center



“The Stealth Decorator” just made me sad (Connections, December 6). I can’t imagine being in a relationship with anyone who behaved remotely like this writer’s wife: controlling, dismissive, uncompromising, fear-inspiring. I wonder if this husband knows that relationships don’t have to be like this.

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Liz Rawls / Cambridge


While the premise about the need for love for nature is correct in “Fear Rules the Climate Debate. Let’s Not Forget Love” (Perspective, December 6), the loss of appreciation for nature can scarcely be blamed on environmentalists. Our capitalist system of profits above all else, the godlike respect for economic growth over people and jobs, and the large business donations that influence our politicians have contributed to our viewing nature as a commodity rather than as a vital part of who we are. With a limited window of opportunity to stop global warming and spare our planet from the worst consequences of climate change, many of us are worried for our children and grandchildren. It is hard to slow down and appreciate the beauty of our world when we know that much of it is at stake with what we do in the very near future.

Ron D’Addario / Reading

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